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Achieve Your Life and Business Goals, Easier

If you feel like you've been going around in circles and despite your best efforts, you are still not getting the results you want and deserve, then this membership is the answer you've been looking for.

Hi, I'm Wayne Lee, Hall of Fame Speaker, Award Winning Hypnotist, and Peak Performance Expert.  

In collaboration with my lovely wife Nicole, we founded The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership to help you snap out of what's stopping you so you can live with more confidence and clarity and take your life and business to an entirely new level. 

Whether you are wanting to start or grow a business, increase the money in your bank account, enjoy more balance in your life, sleep better and improve your health and vitality or deepen your relationships, this membership is for you.

You'll see that you really can have everything you've always wanted and you don't need to sacrifice the important things to get it. How do we know this? Because people just like you are doing it!

"You either make yourself miserable, or you BE the magic & FEEL IT.  
The amount of work is the same."      - Wayne Lee

Your subconscious mind is the most powerful creative tool you possess. It determines how you feel in every moment and what you do. All of your results from your weight and relationships to your finances are caused by your beliefs about yourself and the world (not by working harder or picking a magic strategy).

The problem is that many people have borrowed limiting beliefs from others (ie. It's not possible, It's gonna take a lot of work, It's too late,  I can't, there's not enough time/money/energy etc.) that keep them in a negative TRANCE and hold them back from the results they deserve.

When you learn to master your beliefs and thoughts and ALIGN to who you really are, you'll be blown away at how good you can feel and what you'll be able to create in your life.

We teach you to:

1. Re-FOCUS Your Mind

2. Feel Your FLOW 

3. FOLLOW THROUGH On What Makes All The Difference

"In only 4 months, I've gone from being mostly sedentary with low energy to doing at least 3 walks (2-3 miles) each week with 9 weekly conditioning workouts as well!  In addition, Wayne has introduced me to a more meaningful and satisfying way of thinking and living.  And everything in my life got better and even my business exploded.  I also feel much better about myself.  My satisfaction rating of my days went from 6/10 to mostly 10/10!  I'm so grateful for the huge difference he's made in my life."

Dominick, CEO 

But before we get into it...

Why Should You Trust Us In Helping You?

Over the past 25 years, Wayne has worked with over 6000 organizations to perform at higher levels and create next level results.  He has also helped thousands of individuals achieve their goals such as losing 100 lbs to reach their ideal weight, overcoming debilitating anxiety, conquering their fear of public speaking & doubling their income. Now, he's driven to help even more people just like you.

Nicole practiced as a Speech Language Pathologist for 10 years helping young children overcome communication barriers so that they were empowered to experience more joy, freedom and connection . Then, as a certified Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner, she helped individuals achieve new levels of health by clearing the mental and emotional blocks they were experiencing.

Together, we've spent years investing in our own personal, spiritual, and business growth and while our life has been a joyful ride it hasn't been without challenges and some of them were soul crushing for us. Most recently, Covid turned our world upside down.

Amidst the chaos and uncertainty, we dug deep and made a promise to help others shift from misery to magic no matter what's going on in their life.  Hence, the TRANCE-FORM movement was born.

We probably should warn you that several acronyms or "Wayneisms" will be involved. And a few magic tricks. And of course a dose of light hearted fun along the way!

A Changed Life Begins With A Changed Mind

  • ​ONLY 8% of people actually achieve their goals using traditional goal setting methods
  • Any success strategy is only as good as the mindset underneath it
  • You will never outperform your subconscious identity
  • Your imagination is a powerful resource but most people aren't using it correctly

here's What TRANCE-FORMERS are Creating In Their Own Lives......

“I was stressed and not as productive as I could be and now I’ve had the most effective, successful 3 weeks of business in a challenging time like this.
I’ve moved my closed business from $250 000 to 
$760 000 in less than 3 weeks with the guidance of all your principles.”

Heather, Sales Professional

"As a busy CEO, I had high levels of stress and not much free time.  These teachings have helped me become a better leader at work, become clearer on how to live 
my purpose more fully as well as enjoy much more fun in my life with those that matter most."

Ken, CEO 

"I've just spent 4 days with my mother, and I'm OK. I'm more than OK! I didn't have any anxiety, which is something I've always felt while being with my mom. I don't have a word for this newfound feeling - it's surreal. You've trance-formed me; this is really a life changing experience. Thank you!"

Deb, Retired

“I was stuck in taking my business to the next level and once I replaced my limiting belief things really took off! I even surpassed my income goal, and am excitedly taking action to build my website and launch my online program!”

Judy, Psychologist



Achieve Your Life and Business Goals, Easier

The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership is the next best thing to having wayne & nicole as your subconscious breakthrough coaches

Here's what it includes:

get Focused and feel Your FLOW with The Sunday 
Subconscious Reset

Learn The simple, practical & Proven TRANCE-FORM Peak Performance System at Our
 Master Classes 

 Follow Your Proven roadmap to Easier success Which Includes Our $497 USD TRANCE-FORM Academy Course

Attend the Monday morning Wake Up to powerfully kick off your week

Access our Digital 21 Day Health, Energy, and Wellbeing Subconscious Reset Challenge to feel better than brand new again

Fast track Your goals using the 6 minute MEGA (mental end game activation) Method 

Connect with a community of mission driven, creative Souls like yourself around The Globe

Learn the Self Coaching model that will Free you from stress, overwhelm, Indecision, procrastination and Worry

Use deep sleep, Weight loss, Confidence, Wealth, Stop smoking, Concentration, Higher self connection Hypnosis Programs to accelerate Your results

The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership Options


2 months FREE with a yearly subscription
Great Option For Corporate Wellness Reimbursement Offers

cancel anytime before your next renewal date

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Sign up and watch the welcome video that explains how to get the most out of this membership.

2.  Watch for emails from us over the next few days to help you get familiar with what's now available to you.

3. You'll have immediate access to The TRANCE-FORM digital library. 

4. Join us for The LIVE Interactive sessions at your convenience (or watch the replays).
* Every Sunday at 8 pm MST (The Subconscious Reset) 
30 Min  (starting April 3)
* Every Monday at 7 am MST (The Wake Up) 
15 Min
*Special Event Master Class at 7 pm MST  
60-90 Min on Occasion



Achieve Your Life and Business Goals, Easier

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not able to make the live sessions?

No worries.  They are all recorded and stored in our Membership site so you can watch when it works for you.

How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

We've found that the people that get the most out of this membership are coachable and open minded, are willing to invest in themselves, and are committed to life long growth.  If you are looking for a quick fix strategy and are not willing to practice and do the work necessary to re-wire your brain, then this probably isn't a fit for you.

What if I have questions?

We are here to answer them!  You can email us your questions or post in the FB group anytime.  You will also have the opportunity to ask us questions during the live sessions.

How do I access the membership?

Our live sessions occur on zoom and our library and recorded classes are stored in a platform called Members Pro which you will receive login information for access.

Don’t just take our word for it though, here’s what other TRANCE-FORMERS are saying...

"I have lived my life in survival mode. Pay the bills, get up, go to work, whether you like it or not, get food, go to sleep. I did not know how to get out of survival mode or what it could feel like. I did not know how to keep my limiting beliefs from controlling me. But I am now in charge. My goals are now big! My enthusiasm is high! I look forward to the life of my dreams,
because now it is not just a dream, it is achievable." 

Peggy, Customer Service Professional

"Before this program, I was frustrated, stuck and struggling with motivation and beating myself up. Now I can achieve what I want without a huge struggle. I recently did a photo shoot for a company which I would have never felt comfortable doing before. I even exceeded my goal to walk 100 km in 21 days to reach 225.2 km!”

Jan, Entertainment Event Organizer

"The wake ups are something I look forward to and it gets me going even on the days I'm tired. They have helped me out a lot with client relationships. Especially the difficult clients. Helps to keep everything calmer and easier. In general, all my relationships are now better and moving in a positive direction. The training I did was so powerful I put my entire staff through it and created a better culture in my business" 

Al, Business Owner

"Thank you Wayne for inspiring me to choose my word FOCUS for the year, and sticking to it.  It allowed me to get my book done and get it published!!"

Corrina, Graphic Designer

Here’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for whatever reason you’re not happy with The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership... Let us know within 30 days and we'll refund 100% of your money no questions asked.

You’ll have 30 days to come in and see all it has to help you take your life and business to a whole new level. And if you LOVE it, stick around and stay part of our community!

We’re excited to see you inside 
the TRANCE-FORM Academy Community soon!

BE the Magic & FEEL IT!

Wayne and Nicole

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* DISCLAIMER: There is no guarantee you will receive the same results as other members. Results vary because of many factors, including the action taken by the person enrolled in The TRANCE-FORM Course.