Achieve your life and business goals, easier

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$190 USD/Yearly (2 months free!)


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The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership

What You'll Experience...

  • LIVE Monday Wake Ups with Wayne
  • ​LIVE Sunday Subconscious Resets
  • ​Monthly LIVE TRANCE-FORM Master Classes
  • ​Subconscious Breakthrough Coaching - Observe or Get Coached
  • ​Cutting edge TRANCE-FROM Technologies and Methodologies
  • ​TRANCE-FORM Academy Digital Course
  • ​Digital Hypnosis Library
  • ​A Supportive Facebook Community

$19 USD/Month 
Or $190 USD/Year (2 Months FREE With A Yearly Subscription!) 

A great option for corporate wellness reimbursement offers

here's What TRANCE-FORMERS are Creating In Their Own Lives......

“I was stressed and not as productive as I could be and now I’ve had the most effective, successful 3 weeks of business in a challenging time like this.
I’ve moved my closed business from $250 000 to $760 000 in less than 3 weeks with the guidance of all your principles.”


"Before this program, I was frustrated, stuck and struggling with motivation and beating myself up. Now I can achieve what I want without a huge struggle. I recently did a photo shoot for a company which I would have never felt comfortable doing before.  I even exceeded my goal to walk 100 km in 21 days to reach 225.2 km!”


"I've just spent 4 days with my mother, and I'm OK. I'm more than OK! I didn't have any anxiety, which is something I've always felt while being with my mom. I don't have a word for this new found feeling - it's surreal. You've trance-formed me; this is really a life changing experience. Thank you!"


“I was stuck in taking my business to the next level and once I replaced my limiting belief things really took off! I even surpassed my income goal, and am excitedly taking action to build my website and launch my online program!”


"I have lived my life in survival mode. Pay the bills, get up, go to work, whether you like it or not, get food, go to sleep. I did not know how to get out of survival mode or what it could feel like. I did not know how to keep my limiting beliefs from controlling me. But I am now in charge. My goals are now big! My enthusiasm is high! I look forward to the life of my dreams,
because now it is not just a dream, it is achievable." 


"This absolutely changed my entire life. I busted a guilt belief I've had all my life that was weighing me down.  Now I love myself like never before, have peace, more happiness and find life beautiful.  I've become addicted to the methods, rituals and amazing way of thinking.  Wayne is real and so relatable.


"The wake ups are something I look forward to and it gets me going even on the days I'm tired. They have helped me out a lot with client relationships. Especially the difficult clients. Helps to keep everything calmer and easier. In general, all my relationships are now better and moving in a positive direction." 


"Absolutely LOVE the Wake ups! It’s just a positive upbeat great regular routine I’ve gotten into!! Very interesting how each message he delivers seems to be exactly what I need for the day!! It’s almost like he specifically makes them just for ME!! Positive super charged reminders everyday.... makes me feel more ALIVE and charged for the day!!"


Achieve your life and business goals, easier

The TRANCE-FORM Academy Membership

$19 USD/Month Or $190 USD/Year (2 Months FREE With A Yearly Subscription!) 

What's Included In The 90 Day 
TRANCE-FORM Accelerator Program?

12 Intensive 60 Min Weekly Group Subconscious Breakthrough Sessions with Me!

Thursdays @ 10 AM MST Starting Sept 9, 2021

Whether in the hot seat or as an observer this process is very powerful and life changing.  It is my mission to uncover the limiting belief that is holding you back.  I then use my 3 Step S.N.A.P. (Subconscious Neuro Associative Programming) Method to clear your limiting belief and get you aligned to who you really are - whole, complete & perfect.  You'll then move in the direction of what you want with more ease and excitement. Each Weekly session has 3-20 minute hot seat opportunities.

(Value $5,964)  

12 Weekly 60 min TRANCE-FORM Your Life Group Calls

Tuesdays @ 10 AM MST Starting Sept 7, 2021

Whether you have a question about a TRANCE-FORM technique from the course, are struggling with taking consistent action, or need help with clarity, I'm here to help.  Like I've said before, your success is my success and I'm 100% invested in you and your TRANCE-FORMATION.

(Value $997)  


Join a community of like-minded TRANCE-FORMERS committed to supporting each other TRANCE-FORM from the inside out and reach their End Game.  I am also active in the group daily so am there should you need anything between the Group Calls.


The TRANCE-FORM Academy Self Study Course

MODULE 1 - Embrace Your Whole, Complete & Perfect Self & The WCP Master RESET
MODULE 2 - Free Yourself From Your Negative TRANCE Trap & The TRANCE-FORM                                      Thought Formula
MODULE 3 - Create Clarity On Your Heartfelt Vision & The MEGA Method
MODULE 4 - Conquer Your Fear
MODULE 5 - Understand Your Key Drivers
MODULE 6 - Your Emotional Set Point & Tapping Into FLOW 
MODULE 7 - Let Go Of The Past & Propel Yourself Into The Future NOW
MODULE 8 - Install New Empowering Beliefs & The Miracle Process
MODULE 9 - The 3 Vs - Vision, Voice & Values
MODULE 10 - The AUTOMAGIC Method For Breaking Bad Habits & Creating New Ones
MODULE 11 - Commitment & Self Integrity
MODULE 12 - The Promise & Wrap Up Celebration

(Value $497)  

Ticket to the first ever TRANCE-FORM LIVE Event

We can't wait for this one!  Prepare to have your mind blown, get supercharged and BE TRANCE-FORMED.  This multi day event will give new meaning to the phrase BE the MAGIC and FEEL IT!

(Value $997)  

The MEGA Method

Imprint a crystal clear vision of your end game into your subconscious mind that won't leave you alone until you achieve it.  Anything IS possible and you ARE unlimited.

(Value $97)  

The Whole, Complete & Perfect Master Reset

Rewire your mind to uncover your confident self and free yourself from the limiting beliefs you borrowed.  Embrace your true self, know that you are enough, and show up in the world more often as the real you.

(Value $97)  

The Go Deeper Into TRANCE Sleep Program

Not only will this program help you get into a deeper state of TRANCE, it will also help you tame the negative noise so you can fall asleep easier and enjoy a deep restorative sleep.

(Value $97)  

Most Popular Subconscious RESETS

Need a specific RESET?   With an inventory of different topics to choose from, I've got you covered.

(Value $297)  

90 Day TRANCE-FORM Accelerator program


Today Just: $1497 USD

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