Activate Your End Game And Clear Your Subconscious Blocks With My Hypnotic Goal Achievement System
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TRANCE-FORM Accelerator Program 
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Group Coaching + Self Study Digital Course 

  • Live or Zoom Group Subconscious Breakthrough Sessions: Q/A, Coaching, Group Energy Reset  
  • ​The TRANCE-FORM Academy Self Study Course (12 modules with video, pdf, and audio formats) 
  • The MEGA Method 
  • Most Popular Subconscious  Hypnotic RESETS 
  • The Deep Sleep Program 

 Results TRANCE-FORMERS Have Gotten:

Sales Professionals

Financial Advisors


Business Results

Health & Vitality Results

Confidence Results

What's Included In The
TRANCE-FORM Accelerator Program?

Live or Zoom Group Subconscious Breakthrough Sessions (Q/A, Coaching, Group Energy Reset)

Whether being coached 1-1 or as an observer, this process is very powerful and life changing.  Wayne will uncover and resolve the subconscious barrier that is holding you back.  You will clear your limiting belief and get aligned to who you really are - whole, complete & perfect.  You'll instantly feel more in the FLOW and then will move in the direction of what you want with more ease and excitement. There will also be a question and answer period and he will close some sessions with a group energy alignment reset.


The TRANCE-FORM Academy Self Study Course

MODULE 1 - Embrace Your Whole, Complete & Perfect Self & The WCP Master Reset
MODULE 2 - Free Yourself From Your Negative TRANCE Trap & The TRANCE-FORM                                      Thought Formula
MODULE 3 - Create Clarity On Your Heartfelt Vision & The MEGA Method
MODULE 4 - Conquer Your Fear
MODULE 5 - Understand Your Key Drivers
MODULE 6 - Your Emotional Set Point & Tapping Into FLOW 
MODULE 7 - Let Go Of The Past & Propel Yourself Into The Future NOW
MODULE 8 - Install New Empowering Beliefs & The Miracle Process
MODULE 9 - The 3 Vs - Vision, Voice & Values
MODULE 10 - The AUTOMAGIC Method For Breaking Bad Habits & Creating New Ones
MODULE 11 - Commitment & Self Integrity
MODULE 12 - The Promise & Wrap Up Celebration


The MEGA Method

Imprint a crystal clear vision into your subconscious mind that won't leave you alone until you achieve it.  Anything IS possible and you ARE unlimited.


The Deep Sleep Program

Not only will this program help you get into a deeper state of TRANCE, it will also help you tame the negative noise so you can fall asleep easier and enjoy a deep restorative sleep.


Most Popular Subconscious Hypnotic RESETS

Need a specific RESET?   Do you want more money? Better health? A more connected relationship? With an inventory of different topics to choose from, we've got you covered.


the TRANCE-FORM Accelerator program

Customize Your Team's Program Today

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