Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Feeling Blah, Being Weighed Down By Stress & Lacking the Energy to Get the Important Things Done?

"The 21 Day Health, Vitality & Well-being Subconscious Reset Challenge"

Learn The Mental End Game Activation (MEGA) Method That Will Unleash Your Inner MAGIC (In Just 6 Minutes) Making You Unstoppable in Achieving Your Biggest Goals 

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& you can feel good & create better health to support your life's matter what you've tried before that didn't work.

  It's not your fault that your limiting beliefs silently run the show and hold you back from enjoying the energy, momentum and life you're meant to.

What if you could hit RESET 
& align to who you really are and experience the health, happiness and wealth you deserve? 

WARNING: Completion of this challenge will help you SNAP out of the negative subconscious blocks so you can claim your ideal body, enjoy endless energy and finally free yourself from stress and overwhelm.

(With support to help you along the way!)

This Challenge Is For You If: 

  • You've tried various strategies and tips....but you're still not getting the results you want in your happiness, health and/or weight
  • ​You're life feels out of balance and your business is taking a toll on your well-being
  • You are tired of feeling tired
  • ​You feel like you're weighed down and are ready to feel lighter and free
  • You've had enough of self sabotage and are ready for a TRANCE-FORMATIONAL year in your health, vitality, and business

"The Health, Healing & Wellbeing Subconscious Reset Challenge" teaches you to own your magic and TRANCE-FORM from the inside out so you create better health, allow healing and access boundless energy.  And it happens faster than you've ever thought possible!

Meet Your New Mentor, Trainer & Coach

Discover How He Has Helped Thousands of People & Organizations Utilize the MEGA Process to Achieve Their Goals!

Ready To Get Aligned & Claim What You Deserve?

I'm Wayne Lee, a Peak Performance Expert, Hall of Fame Speaker, and Award-Winning Hypnotist. For the past 25 years, I've presented to over 6000 business audiences worldwide and helped over 100,000 people replace limiting subconscious beliefs and experience on the spot TRANCE-FORMATIONS.  It may appear like I'm putting people to sleep but I'm actually waking them up to their full potential and inner magic. 

The 21 Day Subconscious Reset Challenge is based on my own unique method of subconscious reprogramming. It combines hypnosis, NLP and brain science with self development methodologies and the law of attraction.  

As a five-time Canadian amateur wrestling champion, successful business owner, & TRANCE-FORM Coach, I bring my own unique perspective on the mindset that is needed for success in business and life.

I've worked with a wide range of clients including stay at home moms, teachers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, professionals & CEOs to name a few.  My clients have achieved successes like losing 100 lbs to reach their ideal weight, overcoming debilitating anxiety, starting a new business, doubling their income, to overcoming their fear of public speaking and many more.

Here's What You'll Get When You Join Today!

In addition to:
15 Min Daily LIVE Teachings  


You will experience my revolutionary MEGA method that has helped over 100,000 people TRANCE-FORM.  It will transform your emotional state and propel you towards your dreams, goals and aspirations. It's like going to the gym for your mind and in only six minutes you train your brain and become hardwired to win at whatever your End Game is.  Within the 21 days, this is yours to use over and over to help you get what you want effortlessly.   


My short and effective subconscious resets will occur on 3 evenings within the Challenge.  They will install the empowering beliefs that you need to kick start your day and ignite your flow state to fuel the rest of your day.  Programming your mind at night will help you tame the negative chatter so you can doze off easily and enjoy a restorative sleep.
You will also receive lifetime access to The "I am Whole, Complete & Perfect" Master Reset.


My wife Nicole and I jump on every Saturday morning at 9 am with our morning coffees!  Nicole brings her energy healing experience, and psychology and rehabilitation medicine expertise to these discussions. We'll address any questions and challenges you might have. Usually this session lasts an hour and some challengers have gotten their greatest insights & breakthroughs during this time.


You likely have blind spots to what is holding you back and another perspective can help identify your faulty limiting beliefs so that you can think clearly and take action on your goals. If you feel like you're getting in your own way, time and time again, this challenge will change that. 

What's Included In 

The 21 Day Subconscious Reset Challenge?

  • 21 Days of LIVE Coaching from Wayne with Daily TRANCE-FORMATIONAL Tasks (Valued at $7,500)
  • ​7 days of In-Depth Learning on the Secrets of The GPS Model of Your Subconscious Mind 
  • ​7 days of Transformational Coaching Using The MEGA (Mental End Game Activation) Method 
  • ​7 days of Hands on "TRANCE-FORM ACTIVATION" Tools Coaching 


  • Private Accountability Support Group (Invaluable)
  • 3 Guided Subconscious Resets (Valued at $297)
  • ​A Guided MEGA Method (Valued at $97)
  • The "I Am Whole, Complete & Perfect" Master Reset (Valued at $97) (Yours to access forever!)
  • ​3 Q/A Sessions with Wayne & Nicole (Valued at $997)
After three weeks (or even sooner) of doing the daily TRANCE-FORMATIONAL tasks, you will feel the powerful results of the challenge — finally freeing yourself from the faulty, borrowed beliefs and blocked energy that have held you back for so long.
Your thinking & self-talk will start to change. Your self doubt and that heavy feeling will start to fade away. 

You'll easily make decisions that feel right for you. You'll become happier and more authentically “you.”

You will achieve your heartfelt desires without limited energy and lack of vitality holding you back.

All because you decided to let go of your old limiting beliefs & align to who you really are.

7 Days of In-Depth Learning on The GPS Model of Your Subconscious Mind 

In this week, you will start to uncover your faulty, borrowed beliefs and gain insights into the impact they're having on how you think, feel and act and ultimately what you have or don't have in your life.  You'll discover how to start rewiring your brain and release blocked energy so you can BE who you really are and get more of what you want.  

7 Days of TRANCE-FORMATIONAL Coaching Using The M.E.G.A (Mental End Game Activation) Method 

In this week you will learn my unique MEGA process that will help you create a crystal clear vision of your future as well as develop the emotional certainty and mental focus to overcome any obstacles or roadblocks that get in your way. It's not enough to know what you want, you must become the person that can achieve it and use visualization to feel it! 

7 Days of Hands on "TRANCE-FORM ACTIVATION" Tools Coaching 

We wrap up this challenge by exposing you to Wayne's hypnotic mind hacks (TRANCE-FORM ACTIVATION Tools) which will quickly reset your subconscious.  With these simple and proven tools, you will end the negative trance that you live in and start to spend more time in an optimum state of being.   Just imagine living moment to moment in a FLOW (Feeling Life Optimize Within) state where you are resourceful and produce the results you matter what!  

Private TRANCE-FORM Group (Invaluable)

You'll be joined by other challengers in the group and you'll soon find that you're a part of a greater community of like-minded people looking to TRANCE-FORM their lives from the inside out. We've found the group aspect to be powerful and inspiring and we think you'll discover this too.

Total Value: $8,988 USD

As you can see, the total value of this challenge is $8,988.
However, you won’t be paying anything near that amount. We are offering this to you for only a fraction of the normal investment, because we want to make this accessible to as many people as possible and charge 
just enough to cover our costs. 

Now Just $47 USD

If you want to trade in those faulty, borrowed beliefs for good and claim the health you deserve
then take the leap here...


Here's What You Can Win!

1st Prize!
A scholarship to the TRANCE-FORM Academy! 
($3000 Value)

2nd Prize!

3rd Prize!
Magical Meanings Gift eBook   ($47 Value)  

What's This Worth To Your 
Life and Business?

"I've worked with a sports psychologist before but I've never felt the shift that I felt from working with you.  I am now more focused and confident in playing my best game."
-John (NHL Player)
"I noticed that my performance has improved dramatically almost from the onset, and I'm experiencing a significant shift in my overall energy, awareness and joy of life.  Wayne has drastically improved my decision making and gave me a set of tools to achieve any goal and I'm truly excited!"
"This 21 Day Challenge experience has been a gamer changer! During one simple exercise, less than 10 minutes I discovered a belief that had MASSIVE effects in my life. I even exclaimed “Oh my God I see it now!” I cannot thank you enough for this amazing breakthrough!"
"It feels like you lifted a heavy cloud from my mind and I can see clearly now. My migraine headaches have even disappeared. This has been the healthiest and most enjoyable year of my life."
-Mary Ann
"You were instrumental in unlocking the creative potential in me I needed to write my book, produce a documentary and run a successful business."
-Jon Jon 
 "I truly feel more positive and confident even in this short time, it's quite amazing."
 "40 days ago I was wanting to be dead. I felt so alone and unloved. I really can't explain it enough, through written words, on how different I feel from before to now; I feel like I sleep better, I want to hear music, I feel like dancing, I WANT to live, love, and laugh!!!"
 "I have already started consistently exercising and eating healthier during the challenge and lost 10 pounds."
"This Challenge has improved my health significantly. It forced me to reexamine my beliefs and realize my potential to be the best person I can be. My blood pressure is lower, and I feel so much less stressed now. I also had a terrible fear of public speaking but after working with Wayne I performed by speech and actually felt very comfortable!"
"Murky brain fog is gone. The feeling of being stuck, heavy, directionless, burdened and weighted down, having to be happy, all the have tos. Gone. 
Welcome empowered, limitless, true smiles, authentic me dancing to music, laughing from my heart and feeling surrounded with support.
So many Aha moments that are for me journey trajectory changing. I have been on a life long journey of healing and learning, but it was like bits and pieces, this course was the tool to connect everything for me. Exploring my inner workings and beliefs. Keeping the ones that work and reprogramming the ones that don't with tools that work. "You will never out perform your subconscious identity" - BIG Aha moment. Best 21 days of clarity gaining, improving my ESP, laughter and Yes!! moments."

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ONE TIME OFFER: Weight Loss Hypnosis Program $36 USD.......Watch the pounds melt away with ease (and stay off) as you overcome the subconscious blocks that have stopped you before. Lifetime Access.

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What's Included:

  • 21 Days of LIVE Coaching from Wayne (Valued at $7500)
  • ​7 days of In-Depth Learning on the Secrets of The GPS Model of Your Subconscious Mind 
  • ​7 days of Transformational Coaching Using The MEGA (Mental End Game Activation) Method 
  • ​7 days of Hands on "TRANCE-FORM" Activation Tools Coaching 


  • Private Accountability Support Group (Invaluable)
  • ​3 Guided Subconscious Resets (Valued at $297)
  • ​A Guided MEGA Method (Valued at $97)
  • ​​The "I Am Whole, Complete & Perfect" Hypnosis Program (Valued at $97)
  • ​3 Q/A Sessions with Wayne & Nicole (Valued at $997)

Frequently Asked Questions

"How much time do I need to commit?"

You don’t need to put in endless hours of work. You only need to set aside 10-15 minutes per weekday to watch the videos (live or recorded). We also recommend that you commit to listening to the "I Am Whole, Complete & Perfect" Hypnosis Program everyday which takes 10 minutes.  
The Saturday Q/A sessions usually last 30-60 minutes depending on the number of questions and the Sunday evening resets are 15 minutes. 

"What happens after I join?"

You will receive a confirmation with a link to join the Facebook group as well as a welcome email.  All of the live sessions (Daily teachings, Q/A, Subconscious Resets) will happen in this private Facebook group. You just need to show up in the group at 9 am MST on the start date to kick it off.

"Will I still get access to the live video teachings after the challenge ends?"

No. You are investing in a live challenge experience not a video course and we encourage you to fully participate throughout the 21 days. You can, however, watch the live sessions over and over throughout the 21 days.

Still need more? Just listen to what they all have to say!

"I have taken many courses in making changes in your life, but this is absolutely the best course I have ever taken. This course has given me step by step instructions on how to deal with my limiting beliefs and change my course the way I want instead of my limiting beliefs directing me.
I have lived my life in survival mode. Pay the bills, get up, go to work, whether you like it or not, get food, go to sleep. I have been told that life has choices beyond mere survival. I did not know how to get out of survival mode or what it could feel like. I did not know how to keep my limiting beliefs from controlling me. Because of this step by step program I am now in charge. My goals are now big! My enthusiasm is high! I look forward to the life of my dreams, because now it is not just a dream, it is achievable. 
I would highly recommend this program!"
- Peggy 
 "I have to say that within the first two weeks, I had some pretty positive things happen. My back began to feel almost normal after 6 months of pain/soreness."
"So I started out a little skeptical and just about did not sign up. I am so glad I took a chance and signed up. I have learned to be in control of my thoughts (my GPS) I am now focused on my Mental End Game (My Future) rather than just living in the Hamster Wheel. I have decided to stop the grind and get aligned. The tools and processes learned in this will change my future. To now be able to get myself into FLOW state and work through the steps to trance-form myself along with the Activation tools I am so excited about my future and the future of my children now that I can share this with them.
Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits contained a Habit to Sharpen the Saw, I recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to sharpen your saw with Wayne.Thank you."
- Richard 
" After a couple of events last year, I found myself in a downward spiral that until this past month I have been unable to get out from
Since doing the 21 day challenge, which to be frank I found to be “Next Level”, I can only describe the experience as a clearing or unblocking. I have been doing coaching since January, which as good as it is, I was not able to put the feelings of fear and unworthiness to bay. I do Ninja Coaching, but I found Trance-Form was the missing link for me to get back into a groove for my work and health.  
I have found my why again and I feeling positive and fulfilled again for the first time in over a year.
Well without going on and on, I will like to report that I have successfully secured 3 listings over the past three weeks. They seemingly came from out of no where and I feel like its because I am vibrating at a higher more positive level and that I believe is as a result of Trance-Form."
- Michelle
"This course was a real kick in the pants, which made me realize how complacent I've become with my goals and achievements. I'm getting ahold of my casting director in the new year and have already set up my home gym.
THIS COURSE was a wake up call! For this I thank you. You gave me a great gift this year. I'm actually making goals again, instead of accepting whatever comes my way. Thank you Wayne and Nicole." Best wishes."
- Rick 

So You Now Share Your Magic & 
Live Your Ultimate Life

We're going to do this together...

You complete the daily TRANCE-FORMATIONAL tasks...I'll be your guide

Let's Conquer Your Subconscious Blocks Now!

Simple Right?! Let's Do this!

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